Training and Compliance Management System is a learning portal which allows your organization to offer online OHS training, policy sign-offs, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc. directly from your own website. The system is branded with your name and logo and can carry the full Safety Services New Brunswick Online Training Course Catalogue as well as workplace-specific courses, policy sign-offs, and SOPs created just for your organization. The entire system is fully automated, allowing you to approve and distribute units of training through email, track the progress of individual employees and groups, download/print training and purchasing records, and verify compliance to outside agencies at any time.

If your organization has 100+ workers, Safety Services New Brunswick can provide you with a training and compliance management system without development costs.  (This option may also be available to employers with less workers, depending on training requirements).   

To discuss how training and compliance management systems work and how this option can benefit your organization, please contact Michael Reynolds, SSNB Online Training Consultant:

Office: (902) 429-4182 x 122