Safety Services New Brunswick (SSNB) has for more than 40 years been a driving force in New Brunswick eliminating injuries and fatalities by assisting individuals and organizations alike to hold safety training courses or developing safety programs to obtain a common safety goal.
SSNB has been fortunate to have a structure that includes memberships. Members represent large, medium and small organizations and bring excellent ideas and give support to Safety Service’s work.
Safety Services New Brunswick members form a vast network of individuals who have common interests in the elimination of accidents or injuries. 
  • Members of SSNB are welcome to attend the annual meeting of SSNB, which is held in February/March of each year
  • Members receive quarterly mailings of safety information including the Living Safety Magazine.
  • Members receive a discount on courses and conference registration fees
  • And probably most important, members get the opportunity to interact with like minded persons from all industry and agency sectors of the province
Now celebrating over 40 years in business, SSNB fills an important niche in the New Brunswick safety marketplace. We are committed to achieving even greater impact from our programs through, partnerships with special interest groups and industry. Join us today and we will help build and maintain a leading edge safety program for you, your organization and your family. 

For information about Safety Services New Brunswick's membership program, please contact us toll free at 1-877-762-7233